Sunday, May 1, 2011

Well, darn!

Posted by PicasaI wore this to a dance last night and forgot to get the BF to snap a picture of me in it.  So this morning, lest you think I have not been sewing, I tossed it on the bed to prove otherwise.  This is the skirt that I drafted myself.  Unlike the bodice from hell that I'm currently swearing at, it was a very easy and perfect skirt for dancing:  six gores plus godets.  It's a great, lightweight and sparkly knit from Gail K's here in Atlanta and the fabric behaved like a dream.  Additionally I've almost achieved the correct fit for the neckline.  It still has a tendency to slip a little and show the bra straps, but otherwise has the right curve and fits along the collarbones without gaping.  I have a purchased, strapless bodice that I bought this knit to match but the occasion wasn't dressy enough for that.  It was perfect as shown for the dance I went to, lots of swirl to the skirt, lightweight and comfortable for all those swing dances.  I like the idea of a matchy-matchy outfit like this because I think it gives me a longer, leaner line.  At 5'2" and 140 pounds I need something to give me the illusion of long and lean!

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