Monday, June 6, 2011

Finally, the red dress

I've finally finished Burda 3477, a princess seamed sheath dress.  I added godets to make it "danceable". I'll try to get DF to take a picture of me wearing it to a dance. I really liked this pattern; it had a number of good reviews over at Pattern Review and I add my vote.  I had a little trouble with the lining and finally gave up and just turned the neckline and arm openings under and stitched.  It will be cooler that way anyway.  I already have some solid blue linen from Fabric Mart and a gorgeous silk habatoi lining fabric for a second version, but I suspect I'll leave the lining off that  one too. 
 I have been sewing a little, but DF likes to work in the yard and I feel a little guilty if I don't join him.  June in Atlanta is not wonderful to be working in a garden, but on the other hand I'm still playing tennis in this heat.  Between a new boyfriend, tennis, swimming, and normal housework, I sew during odds and ends of the day.  Plus, now my computer is dying and I've been out shopping.  Per my son's idea, I purchased an Apple iPad, but I'm returning it tomorrow.  The sound doesn't work and I've seen on the web that this is a common problem.  I think I'm just old enough to prefer a new laptop anyway.  So now off to search the web for the best recommendations.

Next up is the Sure Fit Designs muslin.  We've been talking about this system over at Stitcher's Guild
and I'm excited to find a bodice that really fit's me!

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