Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sure Fit Designs Bodice

The Sure Fit Design system for drafting a well fitting pattern has been all the buzz in my Artisan's Square sewing discussion board, so I am giving it a try.  Of all the classes I've taken, patterns I've tried, and money I've spent, so far this is the best system ever for fitting right out of the box.  I can't tell you how happy I am so far.  I had an issue with the fit of the neck, shown in the picture below, but everyone said to just email Glenda Sparling, the owner.  Sure enough, a prompt reply came back with the (duh!) suggestion that I staystitch the neck opening (to where the seamline would be in a finished garment) and clip to that point.  Of course that would open the neckline further and hopefully eliminate the draglines at the shoulder.
Now if I could just get the rest of my life straightened out...I'm on a learning curve with my new computer, a Sony Vaio that's a third the size of my former computer.  So far I really like it (it's pink!) but of course quite a few things are different.  I spent most of a week with an iPad, but it just can't replace a laptop, although it's a fun toy.  I finally took it back to Best Buy, and, props to them, they didn't even charge me a restocking fee.  Then I also have almost completely bullied the men in my life to finish cleaning out the barn in my backyard.  It's an enormous relief to get rid of the junk that was stored in that barn.  So all in all, a good week for me!  Now to find time to use this great pattern system!
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Audrey said...

With a little clipping around the neck, the fit on that shell will be near perfect. Based on my own experience, it was so great to finally have a fitting shell that can be used as the basis for my own patterns or used to alter purchased patterns. But it took me quite a while to get to that point. Sometimes I think my body changes faster than I can keep up with the fitting change that need to be made.