Saturday, July 16, 2011

New (Gorgeous) Fabrics

I received an order from Gorgeous Fabrics yesterday---although I know Ann is in Boston, this came in so fast she might as well  have been down the block.  One piece is a very heavy RPL (rayon, polyester, Lycra) in black that I'll make into a pair of pants for my trip to China in October.  I'm starting to think of this trip and the wardrobe it will require:  Beijing will be colder (think Chicago) and Shanghai warmer (think Charleston) but of course with climate change it may all be tropical, for all I know.  But I think this fabric will wear like iron, never wrinkle, and be perfect for all temperatures.  I have several pieces of nice wool in the stash, but all in brown for some reason (I think I took a color course that told me I should wear brown because that's the color of my eyes.  But I'm not a huge fan of brown; thus the pieces in the stash have gone unsewn.)  The other fabric is a piece of jersey crepe that will make a fine little turtleneck top to go with the black pants.

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