Friday, July 15, 2011

Sewing a Bombshell With Gertie

I've added the "Sewing a Bombshell with Gertie" button to my blog, but I'm not actually sewing the bombshell (yet).  I haven't sewn anything in a few days as I'm expecting houseguests and in a frenzy of cleaning.  Beyond which, as noted exhaustively, I'm going to have to perfect the fit of the last lesson plan I purchased, sigh.  Nothing is easy for me.  I think I could document my work for a complete "Sewing for Dummies" course.  I often said in the past that Microsoft should use me as a test dummy:  if there's a way to do it wrong, I'm there.  Not that I actually ever used my disc drive as a coffee holder, but you know, almost.  in other news I've subscribed to the really funny Borowitz Report, and if you don't read it you are missing a laugh:

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