Friday, April 6, 2012

Fabric Haul

Here's just SOME of the fabric I brought back from my trip, plus some that was waiting for me when I got home. The first two from left are from Gorgeous Fabrics. I don't think you can see the great sheen on the flame print, but it's a subtle silver. Ann said that the RPL grey fabric was a great match, so I bought it also. I'm not sure whether the grey will become pants or a skirt, but the jersey knit is slated for a matching top. The middle fabric is a cotton print from Mary Jo's that I blogged about. I hope the metallic gold shows up well. Finally, a great stretch cotton that I bought at A Fabric Place. No trip to Baltimore is complete without a visit there. Not pictured are a couple of pieces of silk that I haven't washed yet. I always wash my fabrics before I take them downstairs to my sewing room, and silk is no exception. But I'll handwash those, and I'll wait until at least tomorrow to do it. Both of the cottons are destined to become dresses for the casual dances I usually attend once or twice a week. I stopped into a JoAnn's on the way home, hoping to find the Butterick dress pattern (5745) that I like so well. Why is it that the patterns I am looking for are always at the back of the bottom drawer? In this case, it wasn't there at all, even though I got on my knees and dug around for it. I think the pattern is very similar to some I already have, anyway. But, you probably know how it is, I WANT that pattern. And I'll probably find it, too! My long range plan is to make a dress out of another great print to wear to my niece's wedding in July. I have a trial run of the dress on my cutting table, in a cute but inexpensive poly/cotton. By the time I make two more I should have the fit just right and ready for my favorite print. I hope it will be appropriate, since my sister (grandmother of the bride) is wearing shell pink chiffon with a light sprinkling of sequins on the jacket. But this is an outdoor wedding. Surely a really smashing cotton print dress (with short sleeves) would be appropriate for a mere great aunt? What do you think? I'm getting nervous about it now.


Martha said...

Sounds lovely to me, Carole.

I'm drooling over your new fabrics. I did not know it was possible to go to Gorgeous Fabrics in person. Thought they were strictly online.

What fun!

Jane M said...

I especially love that pink black and white print. It will be a beautiful summer dress.