Sunday, April 15, 2012

Warts and all

>Have you ever had the experience where you ask someone to take a picture, using your camera, and the picture came out so cra***y that you hope to hell you don't really look like that? I really wanted a picture of Henry and me at the "Prom Night" dance, so for the very first time I brought my camera to a dance and this is the result. First of all I hope I have better posture. Secondly I really, sincerely really, hope I don't look like this picture. And thirdly I am really p.o.'d at my friend, who supposedly knows what she's doing with a camera. She did take several of us actually dancing with her own camera, and I hope she got some better shots. If I ever see them, since she doesn't know how to upload them to her computer and for sure doesn't know how to attach them to email them. But if I ever do get one of her pictures, I'll replace this horrible one. The dress was not made by me, but it was altered by me, so there was some sewing going on.

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