Monday, May 28, 2012

Shiny, short, and tight

Are the words Nina Garcia (of Project Runway fame) uses to describe as another version of "cheap". I was reminded of this when I made this little short set. The thing is, I love the fabric, a cotton/silk blend from It was inexpensive but sews beautifully and the weight is just what's needed for a Georgia summer. It also happens to fit the description of a "column", which is a requirement of the six-pac sewalong thread in Artisan's Square. And it also fits into the thread of Sure Fit Designs sewers, so this little outfit ticks a lot of boxes. No makeup so far today, as you can see. I do plan to put some foundation on later, as we are going out to walk the Mall looking for Disney memorabilia. Henry's granddaughter doesn't yet know she's going to Disney for her birthday, and we want to get her a little toy at the Disney store for the big reveal. Fun!

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