Saturday, June 2, 2012

My New Baby, Bernette

I'm really glad I didn't succumb to the fabric temptation yesterday because today I really blew the sewing budget. I went to a Louise Cutting seminar (sorry, no pictures, she has requested any pictures not be posted). But in addition to all the awesome information I gained, I came home with two pieces of great fabric, two bundles of elastic, and my new pet. I met a friend from the ASG there who was looking for more space in her sewing room and I was looking for a machine to take to sewing retreats. My Pfaff is chock full of computerized electronics and, although it has so far been a trooper about being wagged around to various places, I know it would be only a matter of time before I got clumsy with it. Enter the sturdy little 19-pound Bernette. I hope it will even do better buttonholes than the Pfaff, which is the only issue I have with that machine. So now off to read the instruction book!

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