Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bad Kitty

That's the message I got from when I was enrolling for the Susan Kajhe "Couture Dress" online course. It's on sale, by the way, for about $20 and includes the pattern. Quite a deal, if in fact my order got through, since I got the "Bad Kitty" message. I think that's more a factor of using Chrome, though. I've had more trouble with that search engine. In other news, I have been sewing. I've completed two new dresses for a wedding I'm attending in two days. I hope to get pictures of me wearing them during the event. I've been too sick with a stomach virus to bother getting dressed for the past several days. On the good side, I've lost at least 3 pounds. Silver lining for sure! Perhaps on the next couple of dresses I make I can include some of Susan's invaluable tips. Of course I have yet to watch the first episode of Gertie's Bombshell dress, but I promise myself that I'll get through both of these classes, and soon. Henry and I are now going to a "ballroom dance practice" session each Monday and these full-skirted dresses are just the ticket. Of course I've missed two of the three since we started...the second time I had a dentist's appointment, and last Monday I was sick. I just hope he doesn't find a way better dancer than I am on the floor, but of course he won't find one more appropriately dressed!

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KC said...

Hi Carole,
Congratulations! You have come in second in my fabulous Sewing Book Giveaway on The Sewcratic Method. (I hope you meant to enter.) The Art of Manipulating Fabric is taken but you have your choice of the remaining books shown in that post. Let me know what you would like. And thanks for the birthday wishes!