Thursday, July 5, 2012

Here I am wearing the poet blouse I recently made. I love this blouse, especially because of the fabric, a white 100% cotton voile that I think I got from Hancock's. I seem to get into a zone where I want to make the same pattern over and over...this is the second ruffled blouse and I purchased more cotton voile to make two more. That fabric arrived from FabricMart and I like one more than the other, so I think I'll let wisdom prevail and make a nightgown out of the fabric I like less. So there will only be three of the same pattern in my closet...although I have a newfound appreciation of cotton voile these July days. Meanwhile I'm working on yet another of my full skirted dresses. That will be the fourth in the series...but I have an excuse for a closet full of dresses, since I dance fairly often.

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