Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Drafting a Peter Pan Collar

I'm drafting a collar for my new...not a suit, not a dress...guess I'll call it an "outfit".  The top and the skirt are of the same material, a black and white plaid.  It's a lot of look, with long sleeves, so I'm breaking it up with a black velvet Peter Pan collar.  I hope I won't look like an aging schoolchild in it but if it looks like I hope, it will be more "classic" than "cutesy".  Here's the first stage of the collar draft.  The front and the back pattern pieces touch at the front neckline, but at the shoulder they overlap.  The amount of the overlap depends on how high the collar should stand. A four inch overlap yields a one inch collar stand.  I've overlaped it about three inches because the velvet is fairly thick.  I purchased just one half yard of the stretch velvet for the skirt yolk, so I'm hoping to have enough left over for the collar...or I'll underface the collar in china silk.   I don't like to work on more than one project at a time---I hate "UFO"s---so I need to get this finished in order to go back to the red velvet dress.  Thanks to readers' suggestions, I'm going to try to make a silk flower out of the remaining burnout silk.  It's very soft, but a helpful sewer suggested startching the fabric and I tried it on a scrap.  I think it might work!

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