Monday, December 31, 2012

Sewing Round Up 2012

All my favorite sewing bloggers are doing retrospectives of their production during 2012, so I thought I might just see what I accomplished down in my sewing room.  Unfortunately I'm not nearly as productive as many (Carolyn sewed nearly 50 outfits!) and some I didn't take pictures of (mostly Christmas gifts).  But still, it gives one a sense of accomplishment to realize I didn't waste my time down there.  And I've noticed that most of the clothes I wear either are made by me or gifted from my sister's resale store.  So without further ado, here they are.

Tennis skirts.  I wore these all summer and plan to make more.  I especially liked the purple one, the fabric is swimsuit fabric and I thought it would be too hot, but it's perfect.  Most people liked the orange one in the middle.  It's a cute cotton homage to my Southwestern background.

Tennis warmup suits.  The blue one wasn't too successful because I keep forgetting to add pockets, necessary for extra tennis balls.  But the fabric is unbelieveably cozy so I wear it around the house and even sleep in it!

Summer dance dresses.  I was especially proud of these.  I made at least a couple of others using the same SureFitDesigns pattern, but am too lazy to go back to find pictures right now.  The red and white one is a real favorite of mine.  I'll be using this pattern many more times.

Casual outfits.  For the two center blouses I modified my SureFitDesigns bodice used in the dresses above to make voile blouses with a ruffled neckline.  I was proud of my drafting skills and got lots of compliments!  The little black jacket is destined, sometime soon, to become part of yet another tennis warm up outfit (I do play tennis twice a week, you know).  The green pants on the left reflect my discovery of StyleArc patterns, which  I love.  I also made a black pair.  No picture of those, but I wear them all the time!  The lower pictures are of outfits I made for casual dances.  Simple tees and skirts, but out of fabric that moves well and is comfortable (and I hope, stylish!)

Dressier dance dresses.  All made from the McCall's tee, StyleArc skirt patterns.  Next year I will branch out to a more ambitious style (perhaps).
All in all, about 29 items made.  Not bad for 52 weeks!
I certainly hope I can continue to grow my sewing skills in 2013 (I've lost hope for my tennis) and I certainly want to thank and acknowledge all the sewing bloggers and commentors who have enriched my life this year.  To all my internet friends, I wish a blissful, healthy New Year!


RhondaBuss said...

What a productive year of stunning and very useful clothes. I absolutely love your tennis skirts.

Jane M said...

Wow, I loved each garment but am so inspired by those wonderful dresses since I bet they look terrific on the dance floor. Great round up and way to celebrate the past year.