Saturday, December 29, 2012

Am I crazy or what?

I'm ambivalent about dressing for my "age".  I happen to know a woman who is at least a decade older than I am (yes, well she has a wonderful figure and wears clothes she had 40 years ago).  She dresses with great style, but I can't say the clothes are "age appropriate".  Perhaps I could say they are "timeless" or "classic".  And that brings me to the clothes I want to wear, but am not sure I should wear.  Perhaps I should explain the venue I have in mind.  Every Monday Henry and I go to a local senior center to dance.  It's called "ballroom dance" practice, although few actually "ballroom" dance, but still there are some good dancers there.  And there are a lot of good dressers there.  Which gets my competitive nature up.  I naturally want to sew clothes that compete (not to mention outshine) all those gorgeous RTW outfits these ladies have.  All of which brings me to this:

a no kidding vintage "Dynasty" blouse...  or this, very similar:
and my absolute favorite, which I think I just HAVE to order, is this one:

I mean, I accidentally clicked out of the site and then had to go back 27 pages before I found it again. 
All these lovlies and more can be found at  And she's having a sale!
I've noticed that recent runways are featuring crisp white blouses with plaids.  So very Scots.  Well, my first introduction to my personal style was a long-ago TV show, I have forgotten the name.  But it was set in Canada and featured a gorgeous girl who wore a lot of crisp white blouses with plaid skirts.  I distinctly remember thinking "I want to look like that!"  I was maybe 12 at the time.  So to put it mildly, I am ambivalent about wearing now what I wore when I was 12.  On the other hand, classic?  timeless?  Or delusional?



KC said...

I think you should wear what delights you (although I might rethink that if you plan to wear knee socks and beribboned pigtails with your crisp white blouse and plaid skirts). You will look as great as you do in everything you show us on this blog!

Carole Mellin said...

You are hilarious. Knee socks!

Terri K said...

Carole, the first pattern says "square dance" to me - not the sophisticated look you are obviously going for. The 80's big shoulder blouse is dated. My rule for vintage patterns is "will the finished result scream "I found this at Goodwill".

For some great crisp white blouse looks check out what and how Carolina Herrera (age 73) wears them. It's her signature look and she always looks better than anyone else at the events she attends. She also mixes them with checks and plaids very well.

angie.a said...

You know, the 80s are back in a big way right now. I see so many trends surfacing from the 80s.

I also say, where what you love! Life's too short to worry about anything else. :) Thanks for the blouse link by the way!!