Saturday, December 29, 2012

To repost or not to repost?

I've had Henry's granddaughter over for a couple of days, so no sewing.  Guess I won't finish the dress I'd planned for New Year's Eve, but I have several possibilities in my closet so a little sewing vacation won't hurt.  But of course that doesn't stop me from reading other sewing blogs, and I know of several amazing sewers who blog.  The question is, should I repost these lovelies?  Well, I'm going to since my blog is not read widely and I think some of these are so great I'll want to reread these and not forget where I found them.  So I present a recent post from MissDemeanour, who walked a trail in Scotland with her rescue puppy.  She's made me want to run, not walk, to do the same.  First I have to get a rescue puppy, of course.  As should we all.

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