Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wearing the Peter Pan Plaid

I still am getting fuzzy pictures and may have to take my camera in for a checkup.  This only happens when I use the "delay" function (I put the camera on my bookshelves and run back to pose, lol.)  Anytime I take a picture of something the usual way, the picture is fine.  Anyway, today I wore my "Peter Pan Plaid" for the first time.  Without my weird stance the plaid lines up.  It's comfortable and works well for times like today when I wanted to look respectful.  I had to go to court!  I'm having trouble with my Allstate insurance policy on my car.  The case was held over and I'm talking to an attorney later today.  Isn't it always something?


RhondaBuss said...

You look like you mean business, sophisticated and yet, smart. Good luck with your insurance issue. Yuk! These things are never fun.

pdiddly said...

I always think I look better in my fuzzy photos lol. Your dress does make you look very smart. Good luck in court - go get them.