Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tennis Warmup Suit, StyleArc jacket

I've heard it said that you never see yourself as clearly as you do in a picture of yourself, and I certainly agree at this point.  The jacket is fine. The bands I added at the zipper make this jacket roomier than the pattern illustration, but to wear it with a sweater underneath, it will work great.  Who doesn't wear something underneath a tennis jacket, after all?  You wear jackets in cold weather.  Fifteen minutes in, though, and you are shedding jackets, sweaters, and are down to your sensible cotton tee shirt.   And the pants fit around the waist and the hips.  But boy are they loose from the thighs down...and this is after I shaved the pattern down a little from the legs on my TNT pattern.  After making the StyleArc Elle pant a few weeks ago, my TNT pattern felt too big in the legs, so I put the two on top of one another.  I didn't want as close a fit as the Elle for tennis pants, so I just took off a little.  But apparently not enough, although of course running around a tennis court (in my case running is a generous adjective) you need room for movement.  So I won't change these.  But I'll be casting a very selective eye on all those pants in my closet.  They're looking a little granny at the moment.  I do need some space as I've ordered new fabric (of course) from Emma OneSock on Robin's recommendation.  Not that she meant to enable, but I have a very weak will when it comes to someone else even mentioning a good fabric.  So I have some new pants fabric arriving sometime next week and I'll try again for some good looking pants.  But at least I remembered to add pockets this time!

Oh, and I added some topstitch details all around the hem of the jacket and around the hood.  I'm having some trouble right now with my bobbin case and the thread sticks occasionally, so of course I took the opportunity to use an embroidery stitch which not only used a whole spool of thread but stuck on the heavy parts.  Still, I felt very adventursome!

Meanwhile, I'm always on the lookout for something to make for my son's girlfriend.  I have no idea of her size (and won't ask) but I know she's a fashionista.  I thought of making her a poncho.  So I went looking for a downloadable pattern, and this is what I found:


KC said...

I go to Boromir for all my sewing advice. :)

Shiny Green Penny said...

Ha! Robin sucked me in too, with her latest pants post! I had ordered a swatch of that fabric but wasn't sure what I would make with it. Now I've gotta make those pants