Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jacket Progress

I mentioned that I had to add two bands to the front of this jacket as I had miscalculated the size and, God forbid, didn't flat measure, tissue fit, or any of the other smart ways to insure a good fit before charging ahead.  However, one of the jokes my sewing friends and I indulge in is making a "design feature" out of a mistake.  So I added bands and attached them with decorative stitching.  I actually like this "design feature" well enough that I may go back with a more obvious row of decorative stitching.  I've been thinking of how to document the changes I need to make on this jacket.  Part of the need for the bands is that the fabric is not stretchy, which it needs to be.  A more stretchy fabric will not need such an adjustment.  So I think I won't add to the pattern just yet.  I'll make a penciled note on the pattern front, though, and include a small swatch of the fabric so I'll remember what I made it with.  I doubt that I'll make this particular pattern very often, as I like the Kwik Sew jacket fit better.

I may not get much sewing in this evening although I have the matching pants cut out and they are an easy sew-up.  I have a new DVD to watch, so I'm tempted to go down just for a little bit.  I don't know where I've been that I have missed the BBC series "As Time Goes By" but I caught a couple of episodes on my public broadcasting channel and immediately ordered a copy.  I'm always looking for a good series to watch while down in my sewing room.  Tonight is a good example.  It's cold and raining (again) and I'd really like to cuddle up on the sofa.  But my DVD is downstairs in the sewing room television set.   I may have just talked myself into it.....bye...

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pdiddly said...

well done on adding you design feature to this jacket - of course none of us ever make mistakes lol.

As Time Goes By was a great series, enjoy it.