Wednesday, February 27, 2013

In progress

I fail to believe I just wrote a nice long post and found out I put it into the wrong blog...I belong to a couture group that also has a blog on Blogger and I didn't pay any attention.  So I had to race to delete that post before anyone saw it...I don't feel I have any business posting on a couture website!  But back to regularly scheduled programming:  I am working on an Easter dress.  I am scheduled to meet my son's girlfriend's parents on Easter Sunday and go to their home for lunch.  Naturally I have no idea what the weather will be like so I am hedging my bets with a lightweight wool crepe in a clear fuchsia.  I've made the dress before:
Only this time I decided that the strong color would be too much and too plain (for me!)  So today I took advantage of the fact that I was lunching with a girlfriend not too far from a JoAnn's and decided to see what was out there.  Of course I didn't bring a sample of my fabric, but I have a pretty good eye for color.  I found this "lace"...actually the flowers are loosely applied to a net background...and I plan to make long, full sleeves gathered to a cuff out of that fabric.  What do you think?  Plain or lace?

Here's a closeup:


pdiddly said...

I would go for the lace and then even think of adding one or two separate flowers to the dress.

Martha said...

Carole - I was so excited to see that you had posted at CWC. You simply must! (My blogger dashboard captures these things in part even though the complete post has been deleted - ah, we live in a world where nothing is really deleted!)

Martha said...

Are you making a jacket? This is a gorgeous color for you and I agree with Pauline. Lace is the thing!

Carole Mellin said...

Well aren't you the clever girl! I will!