Tuesday, April 30, 2013

For a few days, it's all about tennis.

Played yesterday in my "Beefcake Cowboys" tennis skirt.  Played today in my "Purple Flowers" tennis skirt.  Tommorrow, maybe the "Cowgirls" skirt...whichever I feel will be lucky.  After that things will settle down, and I'll be making more tennis outfits but just for practice days.

  For this version I used the same "Gorgeous Gore" tennis skirt TNT, the same tennis panties TNT, but I added a  tee shirt out of the busk/panty fabric and a bias strip of the skirt fabric.  I need to remember to buy plenty of the lycra that I use for the busk and panty in order to make the matching tee, but it's only suitable for spring and fall.  Otherwise it's 100% cotton, baby!


RhondaBuss said...

Your friends must really look forward to your outfits. If they don't they should as they are so cute!

pdiddly said...

I bet not many people have a different personalized skirt each day - great outfit

Jane M said...

Hope you knock 'em dead with your serve and your wonderful outfits.