Friday, May 10, 2013

Garage Sale-ing

I've never been a huge fan of garage (yard) sales, but the BF likes them and persuaded me to look there for a replacement dryer.  Most of my appliances have given up the ghost this year:  dishwasher, refrigerator, washing machine, and now dryer.  I had to go out anyway to look for sconces for the master bath (have you priced those lately?  Gag.)  So we stopped at a couple of sales on the way and now, voila!  I am also a fan of garage sales.  Of course, you have to pick the right neighborhood!  We happened upon a sale today where I wanted just about everything...the lady of the house was my size, the prices were very good, and I got a dryer for less than half the price of a new one (of course I have no idea how long it will last).  Meanwhile, my new finds are on the clothesline after washing.  Three new nightwear outfits, two sweaters, and one tee shirt.  The sweater was $4 and the most expensive thing was the $6 brand new pink nightgown.  Score!
And just to leave on a laugh:

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