Friday, May 24, 2013

Some sewing, and some progress on the bathroom

I tried to change the Linda pant from Style Arc (documented here) to a narrower leg, using the Willow pant block.  No luck.  The pants look fine from the front and the side, but I am going to take a big leap off the cliff and show the rear view.  What a disaster.  So I guess I'll have to spring for the new pattern after all.

Oops, gee I must have lost that back view photo after all.  What a shame.  And don't you think I look like I'm wearing hospital scrubs or a prison suit or something?  Maybe I spent too much time in China during the Mao years.  This is a ponte knit and very comfortable, though.  I had some idea that the "column" look would make me look thinner....but not from the back, I assure you.

I'm documenting the very slow progress on the master bath renovation!  I've done too many home renovations to count, but for some reason never properly documented them...including this one, but here's the master bath so far:
 Doesn't look too pretty at the moment, but it will. 
The next picture shows what was a closet in the hallway but will now be a large shower.  I wish I had taken pictures of the "before" bath.  The toilet now sits where the old shower was.  It all was tiled in a lovely baby blue...
eta:  $3,300 for sheetrock?  Are you serious? 

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