Wednesday, June 5, 2013

"Linda" pants from stash

I'm kind of ashamed to say this fabric came from my stash, since technically the fabric came in from Gorgeous Fabrics a week or so ago, but hey, it did sit around for a few days and it was the right weight and stretch to give my Style Arc "Linda" pant another try.  My first try was with ponte, but this fabric has less stretch...more like a stretch woven, but it feels like a knit.  I like the fit a lot better on these.  To recap, rather than purchasing a new pattern from Style Arc (the "Barb") which apparently fits like the Linda in the body but has narrower legs, I decided to go full steam ahead and redraft the legs.  I'm pleased with them, but I need to lose about 15 pounds.  Pictures are lightened to show detail.  They are a dark charcoal grey with little flecks of white.  Sorry for the quality of the pictures, I was in a hurry and had no makeup on, etc.


me said...

Great pants Carole
Marciae from SG

SarahLizSewStyle said...

I frequently have no time for make up either - especially on sewing days! Pants look good though

BeaJay said...

That fit looks great. Nice pants.