Monday, June 3, 2013

Stash Sew-A-Long

I've joined a stash busting sew along hosted by SarahLizStyle.  It's the kind of gently encouraging sew along I like, very laid back and with no real "rules".  Seven months left in the year (can that be right?) and being encouraged to sew seven garments from your stash.  Here's a picture of my stash of summer fabrics only:

The winter fabrics are in plastic bins in the walk in closet in my sewing room.  And I'm sorry to say that more fabric is on the way, plus some fabulous silk in a bag on my sewing table.  So you can see I would sew for two years at one garment per month with just this stash.  Generally, thankfully, I make a couple of garments per month so there is some hope of at least keeping even.  I have a pair of StyleArc "Linda" pants almost finished from fabric that came in last week.  Why is it that I always want to sew the newest fabric first?  However, I have to admit I've been wearing my latest Linda pants so much I haven't even taken a picture of them, they are always wrinkled from wear.  And at least two of the above bins are for tennis outfits, and I've already made nine.  A couple of bins are for dance dresses, which should be coming up soon...maybe next month.  The clothes I'm sewing right now are things I need right now:  pants and tops that are cool enough for an Atlanta summer.


pdiddly said...

well just recently I have been sewing from my stash, so I have been quite good, but like you it will take a few years for me to sew up my stash.

SarahLizSewStyle said...

I'm glad you joined us Carole - it's always nice to meet new sewing bloggers. Isn't it lovely to have years of stash to sew through :)