Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Hasty Picture

With no makeup because I want to get this picture online.  I am in a discussion on Artisan's Square about StyleArc patterns, and I am such of fan of this line I wanted to weigh in on my opinion with a picture.  So here is my latest outfit, which I happen to be wearing today for "around the house", which is my answer to my mother's "housedress".  No makeup, hair not combed, "warts and all" because I am in a hurry to get this posted before workmen have to take me just as I am, today.
I guess I should explain why this has to be published on my blog so early in the morning.  It's because I have no idea how to get a picture on Artisan's Square without the "properties" .jpeg which I only seem to be able to find if I put it on the internet...that is to say, on my blog, and then transfer over.  Any other ideas of how to accomplish this?

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ACorgiHouse said...

That fits you so well! Good job. I have the same issue, if I want to post a photo on SG I put it on blog and link. I have never figured out another way. I have a Flickr account, but ashamed to say I've not really gotten that figured out either. Too many project, too little time.. :)