Thursday, July 4, 2013

Blatant Theft

If you are a reader of my blog (few are) you might be aware that I have no compunction about stealing from other bloggers.  I just caught this hilarious YouTube upload on one of my favorite blogs and wanted to share.  And you have to add Pretty Grievances to your blog reading list, for a smile just about every day!


Judith said...

What a pity this uploader hasn't been made available in Australia! Will have to try and source it out some other way to have a good laugh...luckily I already follow Pretty Grievances...J

Mary said...

This is wonderful...Dita is amazing, and Joan is ageless (grey question mark hahahahaha)

Martha said...

You know that I follow you, Mia! And I love pretty grievances. Such a clever gal. And she just dresses with such courage and enthusiasm.