Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sewin' in the rain

I don't see how people in Seattle (or London) ever get anything done.  It has rained and rained and rained here in Atlanta, and I just don't feel like leaving the house.  So I sew, instead.  And of course the rain has brought down our internet connection, so that leaves me with nothing to do but sew and read (and eat).  Must get out of the house!  So I sewed up something I've been meaning to get done but had no real need for, which is another tennis outfit (wistfully thinking about sunny days, I guess).
I've tried for a couple of years to get my tennis team to agree to wear similar outfits when we go off to matches.  I can get these iron-on transfers at the Apparel Mart.  Finally I decided just to make my own and wear it to practice, to test the waters.  They may think it's all too "twee", but I am for anything that might help team spirit.  After all, the football players all match, don't they?

This fabric is, I think 100% viscose, very soft and drapey. I used my TNT Connie Crawford tee shirt pattern, my TNT StyleArc Gorgeous Gore skirt pattern, and about 2 yards of my stash.  Of course five yards of ponte knit just came in from Fabric Mart.  Can't resist those 4th of July sales!
And I just couldn't resist adding a picture of White Sands, New Mexico.  I grew up not too far from there.  Which is one reason why I can't get over all this rain!

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pdiddly said...

Actually London is basking in the sun at the moment and is euphoric after Andy Murray won the Wimbledon Tennis final today.

Hope you team like your outfit and want matching kit.