Sunday, July 14, 2013

Connie Crawford Seminar

I spent the weekend at a seminar with sewing instructor Connie Crawford, and took this picture which I found amusing.  She was asked to hold up an illustration so the people in the back of the room could see it.  She asked the only male attendee, who is as you see, very tall, to hold it up and then had to climb on a chair to point out details.  Standing on the chair she is about the same height as the man.  She is one seriously small woman!  But I did learn quite a bit, it just needs to be absorbed.  I purchased two of her patterns for "blocks" and will compare them with the SureFit Designs block patterns I have developed.  One pattern is for an armhole princess seam blouse, which I am too lazy (and really not competent enough) to draft myself from SureFit.   I'm looking forward to getting down to the sewing room again, as I haven't done anything for a week because I STILL have people working on that bathroom...finishing the electric.  This is my stepson, who after all has a full time job and lots of demands on his time, so I had to wait until he was available.


Mary said...

I would have loved to attend that! Lucky you.

Sandra said...

There's always more to learn, isn't there? That's one of the things that I love about sewing! Glad you were able to take that class; I'll be curious about the pattern comparison.

Joyree said...

I LOVE to go to seminars. I wish SOMEONE would come here where I live. I usually have to go to Tulsa or Dallas.

It isn't hard to do princess seams with SFD. I did it, and you know I have no natural talent at all.

Hugs, Joy