Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014: Year of the Jacket?

Of course I didn't start this jacket in 2014, but I did finish it then.  I came home from my lengthy vacation with this partly finished on my cutting table.  All the pieces were there, but I have no idea where the pattern is.  So there is no lining.  Oh well, this is the second jacket with a self drafted collar, which  I no longer like so much.  I had to make something because the neckline is so low.  Anyway I am certainly perfecting my zipper insertions and even though the pattern is missing I'm hoping to make more jackets with similar lines.  I like the general length and princess style.  The wrinkles in  this picture are purely from my stance as I was in a hurry just to stick this in the closet and get on with my next jacket...for my new tennis warm up suit.  The weather is telling me I need that outfit sooner rather than later!

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Judith said...

I am in awe of you making jackets ~ the colour of this one is beautiful. Can't wait to see your new tennis warm up jacket, I am wondering what pattern you will use ... J