Sunday, January 5, 2014

Next jacket almost finished.

We're having a cold wave, just like nearly everyone in the USA.  Tomorrow's high will be 28 degrees and low is expected to be 9 degrees.  Wow, that's pretty cruel for Atlanta.  However, thankfully we are warm and cozy at home and have taken steps to insure that our pets are, too.  Meanwhile I'm sewing with Minky fleece.  Unlike many fashionistas, I love Minky fleece and am making a luscious warm up suit for tennis.  With the leftover fleece from the pants part of the warmup suit, I made both Henry and me headbands.  Good timing and they are so super easy I'm embarrassed to admit I used a pattern (they are made just like the many "infinity scarves" that I made last year as Christmas presents.)  However the Kwik Sew package comes with cute little flower patterns, which I will add to my headband.  I plan to be well dressed for my tennis games!

Here's the jacket, so far.  Still haven't hemmed it.  Pretty happy with the lining job I did, though.

The hood is lined with the plain grey fleece that will be used for the pants.  And while sewing, I'm watching "Miss Fisher's Mysteries" on Netflix.  Great costumes, sets, and fun stories.  I highly recomend!


pdiddly said...

jacket is looking good - Happy New Year

BeaJay said...

That jacket is looking gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing it finished and on.