Friday, January 17, 2014

Baby, it's cold outside!

It's also kind of hard to write a post with a cat on my chest, but that's what I'm doing so blame Bastet for any typos, lol.  So anyway, I went to dinner with friends tonight to toast a dear, departed friend who died a couple of years ago---it would have been her birthday today.  It's in the 30's so I decided to wear the jacket I made about a month ago and had not worn yet (I also made the jeans).  In current sewing news, that "easy way out" Coco jacket I'm making is, of course, turning out to be probably harder than if I had just made it the conventional way.  I'm using a sweater knit and  after I cut the first piece I realized that it all (except the sleeves) needs to be fused.  Fortunately I had plenty of Peggy Sager's fusible knit on hand, but the third piece I put on the ironing board I had it wrong side up and now my iron has sticky residue on the soleplate.  I stopped at a Walmart on the way to dinner but they didn't have any product to clean the iron.  I know they sell stuff at Joann's and Hancock's, but both are at least half an hour away.  I'm off to search YouTube to see if there is a miracle home remedy...and now the cat is between me and my monitor so it's time to sign off.

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ElleC said...

This is probably too late, but anyway. If you iron doesn't have a nonstick coating, I would use plain old baking soda to clean it off. It might take awhile, but the abrasive is gentle.

PS-it is also hard to type with a dog on your lap and another on your chest, but it can be done.