Monday, January 20, 2014

Results of the home remedy iron cleaning tests

I wrote a couple of days ago that I had gummed up the soleplate of my iron, so I looked at YouTube (all the answers in the world) and tried a couple that seemed like they would work.  Both had you set the iron to it's hottest level.  Then I used a wet Mr. Clean pad, which mostly worked but still had a little gummy stuff left on the edges.  Then, with trepidation, I tried what seemed the most harsh.  I used a brown paper bag sprinkled with salt.  To my surprise it worked like a charm and did not scratch the surface of my iron.  So now I have to get back to work.


RhondaBuss said...

Wow, my grandmother used salt to clean lots of things. Thanks for the info!

Jane M said...

Wow, I will definitely give the salt and bag version a try. it's the least expensive way and seems like it worked wonderfully for you.