Friday, May 23, 2014

Yes, this does cut a lot into my sewing time.  I am "working" on an outfit that I think will be useful and if it is, I will make a couple more.  It's made of gauze, and the idea is to wear it around the house on the hot summer days I know are coming, and also to take with me on my August cruise to the Bahamas.  Essentially it's a top with Style Arc's "Sailor Sue" pants (wide legged).  The top, "Amber", also by Style Arc, was such a nightmare that for the first time I actually threw a pattern in the trash without making a second attempt.


When I sewed this top up (no muslin, as usual) I was completely stymied by Style Arc's lack of explicit directions and strange labeling of pattern pieces.  But I persevered (I know how to sew, right?  RIGHT?) and did the best I could, then put it on.  Hilarious, the bust darts were actually at my waist and what a pretty sight that was.  In the end I pulled the top up (here's where I wish I had Photoshop) and essentially sewed a line from the light brown portion of the picture to the end of the sleeves, chopping off a lot of excess fabric.  I was reminded again of why I don't like raglan sleeves.  The whole top, while a little weird, is wearable for that "around the house" look and I'll try to get a picture after I wash out some mystery stain that I managed to get on it.  Probably spit out some of my tea on in in frustration.

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