Sunday, May 25, 2014


Our neighborhood group of the Atlanta Sewing Guild had a wonderful meeting yesterday.  The group leader made a series of sets of different necklines.  We divided into groups of three, one person to take photos with your own cell phone, one to adjust the neckpiece, and the subject.  This is me in the scoop neck.  I chose this photo because apparently I don't smile very often!  I actually liked most of the neckline styles on me, including the turtleneck and the (shorter) cowl.  I have often thought that, although I love turtlenecks, I am too old and too jowly for them....perhaps the camera angle was just flattering!  Anyway, the whole event was a smashing success and just part of a great program.

      Glum face.

This certainly would be better with a smile.


Terri K said...

Carole, all of the necklines look good on you, so wear any style you enjoy wearing!

Anne Jewell said...

carole--i think the turtleneckline looks nice on you--it lengthens the line visually from waistline to the chin. i would say wear it!--anne