Friday, May 30, 2014

Hello, Dolly

I didn't participate in the "Sew Dolly Clackett" group while it was going on, but I followed with great interest since this is the type of dress that currently interests me.  I'm also trying to find different, but flattering, necklines.  I used a standard McCall's pattern to begin with and laid it over my TNT SureFit Designs base.  After tweaking the shoulders, shortening the bodice, and adding an FBA I am fairly happy with the fit.  I noticed that the bodice is longer on the sides than on the surprise, I guess!!!   And the skirt is not full enough for me.  I was afraid to gather it, fearing more "tummy factor", so I pleated it.  My waistline sure isn't what it used to be!  But, like Roisen, I am enamored of quilting cottons this summer and have a couple more in the sewing room, so I'll be reworking parts of this pattern.

I wore this last night to an event that was both joyous and sad.  One of my dancing friends has Alzheimer's, which finally required he be put into a home.  A bunch of us went dancing there for the entertainment of the residents.  Jim may have Alzheimer's but he sure still can dance!

Henry dancing with a patient.

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pdiddly said...

what a wonderful thing to do - glad they all enjoyed the dancing.