Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summertime Ultra Casual

So here I am in all my glory:  no makeup, hair not combed, straight from the shower,  ratty houseshoes.  This is how I intend deliberately to slouch around my house in 85+ degree heat after a few hours of tennis.  The pants are my standard Style Arc Elles and the top is the absolutely mucked up Style Arc Amber...not that you would recognize it after I chopped and altered.  The fabric is the best, though.  Gauze.  I'm in love with cotton gauze this summer.


Coco said...

The only way to go! I find that pj's or something like them work 24 hours a day just fine :-) And I'm with you on comfy cool fabrics in summer. Enjoy!

Christina said...

Please do tell where I can order cotton gauze. I have not been able to find it around my area in decades...and my JJill pieces are about worn out so it is time to make my own.

Carole Mellin said...

Christina, I'm pretty sure I got my gauze from

and now that I went to the site I found more that I like!