Friday, June 6, 2014


I believe the term was designed just for me.  I love internet shopping for fabric.  I love brick and mortar shopping for fabric.  I always stop for a fabric store and when I take a road trip I look for fabric stores along the way.  Sometimes my friends and I even plan our road trips around fabric shopping!  That's how I discovered Textile Fabrics and Muna Couture in Nashville.  Of course is right up the street from me (unfortunately they no longer have their great street sales and are internet only now).  FabricMart sends me daily emails and I succumb all too often.  And recently I have rediscovered Apple Anne.  How can you not be tempted?  I see a picture of fabric and instantly see the garment.  How can you not love this:

Heebie Jeebies

Stretch tulle in a whimsical animal-inspired print with shiny vertical embroidered threads and clear sequins. Plan to make a great tunic, wrapped and layered dress, or swirly ruffled skirt.

Or this:

This fabric is individually hand-dyed and wax-stamped on premium quality rayon. The luxurious drape of this fabric makes it perfect for sewing comfortable garments that can be worn year-round.

All the above were pasted directly from Apple Anne's website.

How about you?  Where do you get your inspiration?  Now if only my inspiring fabrics would lead me right to my sewing room so I would get to work.

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Terri K said...

Carole, I love Anne Kendall's selection of fabrics and you can't beat her prices for the quality. She has provided excellent customer service to me, taking digital photos of fabrics that I thought coordinated, and pulling others that I hadn't thought about. Just last month I bought some plum/black cross dye linen and what she had left of a crisp silk stripe that coordinatd to knock off some Oska pieces that I saw on the Oska NY site using Cutting Line Design patterns.