Friday, June 6, 2014

A Wacky Sense of Humor

Everyone who knows me will agree that my sense of humor is a little "off", or "dark", or just "wacky", and in addition I am not too adventurous when it comes to my sewing.  I've said before that I sew for my lifestyle, which includes dancing, tennis, a little travel, a little "out to lunch" and a very  little housework and gardening.  So I like to combine my fun with my tennis skirts.  Behold my latest in process, from Alexander Henry fabric, appropriately titled "The Ghastlies".  I absolutely love it.

This was my first ever attempt at fusing an image cut out from the base fabric.  I used a fusible web and then zig-zagged around all the edges.  The top is from Pamela's Patterns and like the idiot I am, I didn't make a muslin.  It was horrendously large.  A repeat of the Style Arc Amber top.  I am simply going to have to ignore my bust measurement in the future.  I reworked it the same way as I did the Amber (hack, cut, resew) and took it in no less than two inches on each side, plus an inch at each shoulder.  It doesn't bother me that I had to hack off about three inches in length since I do that all the time, but what is with those broad shouldered patterns?

I love this fabric so much that I am seriously thinking about ordering more for a dress.

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Martha said...

Super cute and totally you. A dress definitely. Maybe pants too.