Friday, June 27, 2014

The Quest for the Perfect Bodice

After studying the Sure Fit Design templates, attending a Connie Crawford seminar, and countless tries, you would think I already had a perfect bodice pattern.   But no.  My last dress was a good fit in the bust, shoulders, waist, and length, but I noticed that it falls straight down from the bust points.  So I've decided that a princess seamed bodice is more flattering, welcome me to the 21st century.  I bought two patterns today:

This "Amazing Fit" pattern was recommended.  I've tried "Amazing Fit" patterns before, but, amazingly, they didn't fit worth a darn.  However, not only is this a princess seamed dress with a full skirt (my current holy grail of dresses) but it has cup sizes.  So my hopes are up.
Another pattern I am going to try is this McCall's (it was on sale, after all).

Note how similar these patterns are:  princess seam, scoop neck, full skirt.  Maybe if one doesn't work the other will...  Then of course since I was in Hancock's for the pattern(s) I had to snoop at the fabric to find something cheap to try these out.  Although I think I have a pretty large fabric stash it was annoying to find that I have very few fabrics suitable for the cruise I have planned for August.  It seems as if I gravitate toward dance fabric or heavily embellished fabric suitable for jackets, and fabric for tennis clothes.  There was nothing there for a lightweight but non-sheer outfit for strolling in the straw market.  I picked up some challis and some linen/poly for what will hopefully be wearable muslins.  Stay tuned!

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