Sunday, August 17, 2014

Another photo of the cruise, and what I did last night

Not too much sewing going around here.  I finally have my things washed and packed away from the cruise, so now I am reassessing my sewing area.  I'll post pictures later, but my sewing room, while in the basement, has lots of natural light in the form of a large double window and french doors out to a patio.  The hallway to get to this room, however, is another thing entirely.  The ceiling has masses of ugly black pipes and electrical wiring exposed, but is too low for a wallboard ceiling.  The floor is horrible old linoleum tile, and the walls are painted a dirty yellow.  It's way past time for a complete overhaul!  So yesterday I bought some very pale blue paint (almost white) and I'm painting the ceiling, pipes and all. Then the walls, then a new floor. You can imagine what a mess I've made.  Drip, drip, drip, down my arms, onto my face.  Plus all that bending over backwards while perched on a stepladder doesn't do my bad back any favors.  So I'm getting about two square feet done at a time...but so what, I'm retired and can do it at my own pace.

Meanwhile, I have a couple of happy memories:

Coming into Baltimore on our final cruise day.

And last night, we went dancing.  I crashed about 10:30 (all that painting!) and let Henry give the unaccompanied women a twirl:

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Mary said...

You are busy! Painting is on my agenda also, after the landscaping.