Monday, August 18, 2014

The Hallway of Doom

In all my years of renovating houses, I rarely took before and after pictures.  I don't even remember clearly how many houses I've worked on, but only one house was new...the then husband revolted.  Like sewing, renovating an old house is a creative and satisfying endeavor, and like sewing, takes a lot of patience and skill.  Mostly though, it takes vision.  You have to see how a fabric can become a dress, and you have to see what a house would look like if you take down a few walls and repainted.

So anyway, I've tried to mend my ways.  Although I'm 3/4 of the way through with renovations on the current house, I'm taking pictures.  I took several of the master bath remodel, and now I'm doing a very minor job on the nasty basement hallway.  It will take some time, though.  Other things are interfering, like old age creaks, budget, and more fun things to do.  Tennis tomorrow, so nothing doing downstairs for sure.


                                               A tiny bit of progress

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