Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sequins and Sleeves

Oh, how I wish I had Rhonda Buss looking over my shoulder.  She's the expert on sleeves.  I have just about perfected the fit of a new princess seamed bodice and am choosing to add sleeves, which I had to, draft.  I finally got something to fit, but they are elbow length and how should I put it?  Ugly.  As is this material, which is bright spring green with sequins.  I not only purchased this material but have matching stretch bottomweight for pants (fortunately no sequins).  Which I will finish, since I am bound and determined to wear me-made stuff to my sewing club.  Even if it's in the middle of September I will look like the breath of Spring, or a frog.  But it will be me-made.  And I have taken out every one of the sequins in the multiple seam allowances, except, of course, for the one that will make me miserable throughout the entire meeting.  Smile!


Rhonda Buss said...

I've yet to see a sparkling frog ;) Congratulations for taking on the task of drafting a sleeve. It looks to me like you did a great job. Once you get it perfected, just think of the possibilities!!!

Mary said...

This color is one of my faves, and I love the idea of a whole outfit like this. Lovely.

sdBev said...

It doesn't look ugly to me. Hope to see the finished blouse with coordinating pants, soon.