Monday, September 22, 2014

What's going on with my Chrome/Blogger account?

I'm getting a lot of nasty popups on Blogger.  I've heard a lot of complaints in the past, with people moving to WordPress and other hosting sites, and I may well do the same.

Beyond griping about Blogger, I really haven't been blogging much anyway.  I am doing a little sewing, but nothing too exciting.  New fabric came in from Fabric Mart and I cut into it right away, I am such a magpie.  I had several other ideas on the cutting table but could not resist a navy/white striped knit.  I've seen so many really cute versions of the Lady Skater dress done up in stripes that I thought I could hack my own (I hate PDF patterns).  Here's the pattern:

It's really just a simple scoop neck top attached to a skirt.  Easy...or so I thought.  My old nemesis, losing a TNT pattern, cropped up again so I had to start from scratch.  No problem:  circle skirt.  Hmmm, now don't those stripes look a little wonky on a circle skirt.  Now to hang the skirt overnight so that it will be easier to hem, and start on that scoop neck tee shirt top.  Oh right, and where is THAT pattern?  Under all those piles of fabric?  Too much trouble, let's try another one straight out of the Kwik Sew envelope I have right here on my bookshelf.  Meanwhile, let's do get a little more organized with the pattern thing, huh?  And so it goes.  I was doing all this watching a rerun of Season Ten of Project Runway (gotta love Roku) and they "auffed" a lady who could not manage her time.  I felt her pain.  But in another couple of days (to make four days total) I hope to be able to show you a very simple little version of the Lady Skater.  No Project Runway contests for me, that's for sure.


Mary said...

What popups are you getting? I work on Blogger also and have noticed nothing. Good luck on finding all those patterns and getting all the yummy new fabric sewn up :-)

Lisa Laree said...

Guessing that you have inadvertently installed an advertising program; they come bundled with other things now and if you're not careful you'll install it. (Ask me how I know this). I can't remember the name of the one we had to uninstall/block...but I was getting popups on my own blog, which I knew wasn't right.
Good luck!

Carole Mellin said...

Thanks for your help. Turns out that I had malware on Chrome and everything seems fine now! (BTW the Lady Skater top did not fit right so now it is a Lady Skater skirt, I guess.)