Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Finally, something to wear (and post).

I'm still having some trouble posting to Blogger, but at least I have finally finished a garment.  It seems like it took me forever.  I've made this same outfit twice before with little trouble, but this time a lot seemed to go wrong.  I did finish it, however, and from the look of the leaves on the patio, not a moment too soon!  I use the Style Arc Sunday Zip Jacket pattern.  I was rushing off to a tennis match and didn't take the time for closeups of the details, but I like the trim I have on the cuffs and hood.  Later next year I am scheduled to speak to one of my sewing clubs on "One Pattern, Many Looks".  I feel I am qualified to do so since I make the same outfit many times, and no one seems to notice. (Can you tell I play a LOT of tennis?)

Here it is again:
and again:

I do think it's time for me to venture out a little next time, though!   Maybe Style Arc's Steffi Jacket?

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