Saturday, December 6, 2014

A short trip and a score

I'm visiting my son and grandkids for a long weekend and had the opportunity to spend a long time in A Fabric Place in Baltimore.  Yes, I finally scored THE lace for the dress I will make for the wedding: pictures later.  This lace was imported from France and very expensive, so I'm glad I have the Fabric Mart laces arriving for me to practice on.  This will be the most expensive stuff  I've ever cut into so I want to feel confident when I brandish my scissors!

Naturally the weather has been miserable all weekend long, though thankfully the rain did not start until I was pulling into my son's driveway and I think it will be gone for my drive home.  I hate to drive in the rain for 12 hours, which is the time it takes me.

Despite the rain, today we ventured into town to see my grandson present a talk on how he and his team developed a website as a charitable endeavor.  There were about six teams of young people who chose various good causes to develop websites for.  My grandson's team came in second place, but while his website did not win first place, I think he did the best presentation.  He was clearly the most confident speaker, did not stumble or hesitate over his speech, and could be heard clearly.  Very proud grandmother!

and at only fourteen it's pretty clear that he's going to go places.

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Martha said...

kuddos to your grandboy! can't wait to see your MOG pix!