Saturday, December 20, 2014

Wrapping up 2014

I wore my latest make last night to a Christmas dance and, though I like it, I am reflecting that the more I sew the more critical I become.  I'm sure that's par for the course, but good to know I'm improving.  I made a total of 16 garments in 2014, and while that's a respectable number, it's not that many for someone who is retired and loves to sew.  A couple of warm up suits for tennis were a little challenging and I made a sweater for the first time, as well as a couple of unstructured jackets.  All in all, a good addition to my wardrobe.  So without further ado, I present my latest dance dress:

which is much more sparkly in real life.  It's a combination I've used before:  the Christine Jonson tee top and the Style Arc Diana skirt.    The skirt is perfect for dancing:

as it is very swirly.  The other good news is, we met a new couple on the dance floor last night.  The backstory here is that I love West Coast Swing, but we are virtually the only couple doing it.  Imagine our surprise when the band announced a special request for "Mustang Sally" (the ultimate West Coast dance) and it turned out a couple, recently moved here from Nebraska of all places, also love the dance.  Instant friendship!


Linda said...

Really pretty dress! Love the fabric.

Mary said...

What a lovely dress, and perfect for dancing!

Audrey said...

You look great in your top and skirt. I can see the sparkles in the picture, and I'm imagining how fantastic it looks when you are twirling on the dance floor.