Sunday, January 4, 2015

First Muslin in Lace

This is just a hanger shot of my first lace top.  I used my TNT pattern for knits, which worked well as this lace is stretch, and just sort of winged it with the attached lining.   The long sleeves are hanging so closely to the bodice in the picture that the top looks more boxy than it really is, but it's still not body conscious enough.  And I'm going to have a problem with the neckline.  For this one I just handsewed a scrap of JoAnn's lace trim around the edge. I do have a "muslin lace" available which has a distinct design, and I will try to figure out how to incorporate that around the neckline and the hem.  The expensive lace I purchased has appliqued flowers with hand beading, and I am sure I can cut those out to arrange around the neckline.  The question would then be: too much?  Meanwhile I am also shortening a formal men's jacket.  Believe me I would not do this for anyone else but my son.  And it's white, so I am terrified I will get makeup or something on it.  Oh, well, what's sewing without a little terror?


PoldaPop said...

Thank you - I thought I was the only one who sometimes felt terror when sewing. I look forward to seeing how this goes!

Coco said...

I don't envy you the neckline conundrum! or that jacket. I've done my share of sleeves and hems on men's jackets (husband, son) and agree - only for them. I would not want to do it for a living!