Monday, January 5, 2015

Wearing the lace top

I decided that a hanger shot was not enough to remember my mistakes on this first muslin, so decided to wear it today to our weekly dance.  The side view shows my problem with the lace stretching.  How to know if lace is "stretchy" or not?  I guess it's good that I have four more cuts of lace to experiment on.  And how hard would it be to open the envelope of my Vogue pattern to read the directions?  Duh.

Doesn't look too bad with this stance, but:

after wearing it awhile I have a real problem.

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Coco said...

What pretty lace. Gosh, what a challenge. I know that the descriptions online usually say whether the lace is stretchy or has mechanical stretch. And if it has lycra, well, it'll be stretchy. Maybe you can hang that pricey lace for a while and see what happens!