Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2014 Roundup

I decided to succumb to the urge to refresh my memory of the hits and misses of 2014.  Some things are best forgotten!  But sometimes it's a good thing to remind yourself that you did accomplish some pretty good stuff during the year.  I might not be the greatest seamstress in the world---or even the neighborhood!  But I have improved and it doesn't hurt to remember that.

So, the best of the year:

I have to say I've worn this over and over, in fact I wore it today.  I play tennis all year round and this is very comfortable when it's about 40F.  Following closely upon this warmup suit are two others that I made, which work well for various temperatures.  I'm proud to be the owner of unique tennis clothing that my fellow teammates admire.

You might notice a theme here.  Once I like a pattern, it gets made over and over.  For example, another hobby of mine is dancing:

and then there's the everyday looks:

This last one may be a miss.  We'll see if I wear it this spring.  And then, a couple of misses (there were more, but I don't want to be reminded).

But perhaps it's good to revisit that bold cotton prints, as much as I love them, don't do anything for me.  All in all I made 18 garments in 2014, which I consider a respectable number!  ETA:  I just found Crafting A Rainbow's blog about posting your "top 5" and I'll link to that, even though I think I did the "top 7".  I never was good at following instructions...


Jane M said...

Isn't it great to have a set of go-to patterns that you know will succeed? I haven't done a review publicly but I might just go back over my list to remind myself of the "sewing lessons" of this year.

BeaJay said...

You have made some wonderful outfits there. I particularly love the red suit and the dresses. Divine.

Gillian said...

Rules were meant to be broken! ;) I did a top 6 list I think and very nearly only came up with 4 goals for the year... Thanks for joining in! You've made some really pretty things this year!

Md Razaul Karim said...

Looking great ! i appreciate it.

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