Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Projects Everywhere

So next month I'm going to be visiting my son as he recovers from a knee operation.  When I was there over Christmas, he trustingly presented me with a white dinner jacket to alter.  Hahahahaha.  But in a fit of semi-consciousness I agreed to at least take the hem up 8 inches, I absolutely hate to see men in jackets nearly to their knees.  I was in the midst of this delicate project (what, no chocolate?) when I suddenly, in the middle of the night, realized I am the speaker at my sewing club on "One Pattern, Many Looks" and I needed a really smashing look to wear as I stood up before my peers and presented one circle skirt/tee top combo after another.

I had purchased, some time ago, an absolutely stunning laser cut scuba knit from Gorgeous Fabrics.  I had no idea what to do with it, but my busy little subconscious put my two dilemmas together and came up with my TNT pattern using this knit.  Of course since my talk is before I  travel to my son's, it must come first.  So the jacket hangs, unfinished and staring me in the eye while I struggle for  the first time to layer two knits together.  Not as easy as I had envisioned it!  The darts were hard to mark in the very holey fabric of the scuba, so I eyeballed them...not a good idea, as the underlying darts don't match up.  I am, as usual, consoling myself that if anyone gets close enough to notice this, they are just asking for a poke in the eye.

The forlorn jacket

crazy scuba knit on the cutting table

The underlying knit is called "liquid silver".  Of course those darts match up, exactly.  What's wrong with your eyes?

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